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"Um homem precisa de viajar. Por sua conta, não por meio de histórias, imagens ou TV. Precisa de viajar por si, com seus olhos e pés, para entender o que é seu. Para um dia plantar as suas árvores e dar-lhes valor. Conhecer o frio para desfrutar o calor. E o oposto. Sentir a distância e o desabrigo para estar bem sob o próprio tecto. Um homem precisa de viajar para lugares que não conhece para quebrar essa arrogância que nos faz ver o mundo como o imaginamos, e não simplesmente como é ou pode ser; que nos faz professores e doutores do que não vimos, quando deveríamos ser alunos, e simplesmente ir ver." Amir Klink

quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2016

day Two

   The post dinner reminded me how used I was of eating so much...  all that delicious food was still on my belly and it took one hour for me to be able to eat something for breakfast,  and just a couple of mug with corn flakes,  I simply couldn't put nothing else in.
   Lately I've been really tired,  reviewing my last two weeks I've been flying like crazy operating 18 flights in a week,  then pack everything and drive from Belgium to Portugal a 2000km alone in 25 hours,  then I participated in the half marathon of Nazaré and again pack everything to come here,  the day after you have it softly described in the yesterday's post...  tiredness was taking control over me that I even felt glad that the weather was crazy,  I could see the ocean full of foam from the wind gusts and some rainy clouds coming and I thought to myself,  no way,  bed will be for the next hours.
   Woke up at 14 and it was definitely time to move out for at least a small tour,  first stop was to buy a soup and continue to contemplate this island,  head toward East and saw a small track on one application I have on my phone,  climbing from sea level to 850 meters high and coming down again finishing right in the hostel street.
   Pointless to say that climbing up to that altitude is really going up,  sometimes on pedals,  a lot on foot if you decide to take small tracks in the middle of the fields and those one are the ones I like them most.  Now imagine,  pure mountain in front and the ocean in the back,  a bit far,  10km distance I would say,  the island of São Jorge...  amazing combination,  it seems that we are in mainland with the ocean entering in a channel.
Took me one hour to arrive to the top and then followed the GPS track to a lagoon called "Lagoa do Capitao"  and so far so good,  not much time left to become dark but on the way down is always easier...  I thought.  Crossed a field in cohabitation with 3 massive white cows and the problem.  was when I realized there was also a black bull  watching me....  no fences between but the field was so irregular that I felt safe once it would be difficult to them to be able to run as fast as me,  no problem happened. 
continued toward down and entered a single person sized track, me and my bicycle were not able to to go fast,  plus was becoming dark and the forest was really closing souch until it becomed a tunnel,  10 minutes later I had to use the flashlight of my phone for 20 more minutes until achieving a road that safely took me to São Roque,  the village were my hostel is. Time to rest again,  see you tomorrow.

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